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Shouting somewhere in Puyo Hell
Other NamesDevin , Victini , Heat
Personal Info
Notable Appearances
Puyo Puyo!! Quest information
[★7] Hed [★7] Heated Hed [★7] Hed ver. HW [★7] Hed ver. Fukurodani Academy High [★7] Strange Klug [★7] Yellow Strange Klug [★7] Even Stranger Klug [★7] Klug [★7] Steam City Klug [★7] Sparking Klug [★7] Genius Knight Klug [★7] Ecstatic Sig [★7] Steam City Sig [★7] Blue Sky Sig [★7] Shigushigu Sig [★7] Rozatte [★7] Santa Mentor Rozatte [★7] Yamato [★7] Scorching Yamato [★6] Bestoll [★7] Wanderer Bestoll [★7] Friede [★7] Crowlas

Salutations, I go by many names Devin, Victini, and Heat are the most common ones. I've played Puyo Puyo since 2017 and haven't stopped ever since. It has now become one of my favorite video games series of all time. Right now I've been interested in Puyo Puyo Quest, but I like all of the Puyo games I've played a lot. I have many favorites characters The Devil and Gagakushi series from Quest and Sig, Klug, and Strange Klug in mainline. I mostly hang around the quest channel in EPPC, but I can also be found in the game chats of PPT and PPC.