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Klug/Atlas [lastname]
Img142005 l.png
shoutout to my friend cil who helped me fix the image
Other NamesDark Mage Devious
Personal Info
BirthdayMarch 28
Notable Appearances
First appearanceUnknown
Latest appearanceAbout five minutes ago

hi i'm a guy who likes editing and.things.

i initially only joined because i saw several mistakes in grammar and wanted to fix them, but now i've taken it upon myself to do everything that everyone else seems to somehow forget. /lh and i do not think too highly of myself for this, don't worry

my pronouns are usually evi/evil/evils/evildoer, he/him/his/himself and bug/bug/bugs/bugs/bugself

also if someone could tell me how to properly format stuff i.. need help /lh but

so far i've:

  • moved Ghost from madou monogatari from her own page back to the minor character list
  • made a very minor correction in grammar on ess's page
  • made the backgrounds of lagnus's pocket sun sprite, puy7 lemres's normal + mini + mega forms, and the background of gust from madou all gain transparency (i like doing that a lot, however shoddily)
  • rewrote hlf of carbyuuk page
  • read the phrase "unlike its predecessor" too many times
  • put catboy me in his rightful place
  • stared at the puyo puyo vs page for a while
  • asked too many questions
  • added valnkriny, vla, valkiryies arle and carbuncle's sprites onto arle's page

also goals
it's probably weird that this is goals
i could go on but i'm gonna stop here
i think abt this image every day/hsrs

as of 23/08/2021 i've only actually played ppt2 and puyo puyo 2, but i'm planning on getting tetris one, champions, and emulating any madou-era games i can find half-decent translations of-

apparently self-promotion is legal on this site, so i'll simply mention that i'm bipperbopperbee on tumblr and artfight and bownonb on reddit, youtube, and pretty much everything else