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Credits to bayoen.fr for most of the screenshots and translations.

These translations are based on the PS3 version of Puyo Puyo Tetris. Some menus may be different in the PS4/XB1 versions.

General Japanese

Translations for menu commands

  • もどる - Back (X)
  • けってい - Confirm (O)
  • いいえ - No
  • はい - Yes

Main Screen

Main Menu.jpg

I) Adventure (ア ド ベ ン チ ャ ー)

The game's story mode. The main game is 7 chapters long, and each chapter consists of 10 levels. Additional chapters are paid DLC (free and included in the XB1/PS4 version).

II) Dream Arcade: Solo (ドリームアーケード ひとりで)

Menu 1P.jpg Menu Tokoton.jpg

Play against the game's AI.

a) Versus (Puyo VS Tetris, Puyo VS Puyo, Tetris VS Tetris)
b) Fusion/PuyoTetMix (ぷよテトミックス)
c) Swap (スワップ)
d) Party (パーティー)
e) Big Bang (ビッグバン)


  • ワンプレイ - Battle (A normal match. Pick a computer opponent to have a Best of X match with)
  • かちぬき - Endurance. Endlessly fight AI opponents one after another.

f) Endless (とことん)
1) Puyo : Endless Fever (とことん フィーバー)
2) Puyo : Endless Puyo (とことん ぷよぷよ)
3) Puyo : Endless Mini Puyo (とことん ちびぷよ)
4) Tetris : Sprint/40 Lines (40 ライン)
5) Tetris : Marathon (マラソン)
6) Tetris : Ultra (ウルトラ)

III) Dream Arcade: Offline Multiplayer (ドリームアーケード みんなで)

Menu 2P.jpg

a) Versus (Puyo VS Tetris, Puyo VS Puyo, Tetris VS Tetris)
b) PuyoTetMix (ぷよテトミックス)
c) Swap (スワップ)
d) Party (パーティー)
e) Big Bang (ビッグバン)

IV) My Data

Menu My Data.jpg

a) Performance (せいせき)

Performance 2.jpg Trophies General.jpg Trophies Puyo.jpg Trophies Tetris.jpg

b) Sounds, Cutscene Viewer, Replays (かんしょう)


c) Options (おぷしょん)


Your Avatar is the character you appear as online. Search for the character you want on our wiki to find the character's name written in katakana.

d) Shop (ショップ)

Shop Puyos.jpg Shop Tetrominos.jpg Shop Voice.jpg

V) Internet (インターネット)

Iie hai.jpg

You must first confirm that you want to connect to the internet. Choose the option on the right.

Menu Internet.jpg

a) Puzzle League (ranked matches) (全国パズルリーグ)

Puzzle League.jpg

If you want to toggle which game modes you want to play for rating, choose "Desired Game Types"

Ladder Game select.jpg

Turn on/off which game modes you want the server to search for. If you only want to play VS, turn everything off except the first option.

b) Club (ク ラ ブ)

Club Game select.jpg

The Club lets you set up non-ranked matches to play with your friends.

To create a match room, select a game mode to bring up the match list and press TRIANGLE. The first tab is core game rules. The second tab is to change the number of players (two, three, four). Select the button on the bottom to make the room.

If you're waiting for a room to show up, you can press SQUARE at the match list to refresh.

Waiting for opponents

Waiting online.jpg

  • あいさつ - Say a preset greeting/message
  • じゅんびOK - Set your status to OK. Match will start when all players have set their status to OK.
  • the third option - Force Start the match with the current players (only available if you're the room leader)

c) TV (Replays)

Telereplay.jpg Watch your own replays or replays uploaded by your PSN friends.

VI) Lessons (レ ッ ス ン)

Menu Lessons.jpg

Lots of game tutorials in a language we don't understand.

Other Menus

Rule Set-up

Ppt rule set.jpg

Buttons on the bottom row from left to right:

  • デコせってい - Customize (BG, Puyo/Tetris skins, BGM)
  • ゲーム スタート - Play!
  • ハンヂせってい - Handicap
  • ゲームせってい - Settings

Decor Settings

Deco set.png

Text in left column:

  • はいけい - background
  • ぷよのしるい - Puyo Skin
  • テトリミノのしゅるい - Tetrimino Skin
  • BGM - Background Music
  • SE - Sound effects

Game Settings - VS

Game set.png

  • WIN - Win Count. Set the number of victories a player needs to win the match.
  • マージンタイム - Margin Time. After the specified number of seconds pass, attack damage will increase. (Meant to keep matches from lasting too long).
  • クイック/ハードドロップ - Toggle Quick/Hard Drop.
    • [ON]: Both Puyo and Tetris can quick/hard drop with the UP button.
    • [ヂファルト]: Hard drop for Tetris, soft drop only for Puyo.
    • [OFF]: Quick/Hard drop disabled for both Puyo and Tetris
  • HOLD - Toggle whether Tetris is allowed to swap pieces with the HOLD button.

Game Settings - Swap

  • スワップタイムカウント - Swap Time
    • ショート - Short (20 Seconds)
    • ヂファルト - Default (25 Seconds)
    • ロング - Long (30 Seconds)

Game Settings - Party

  • ゲームカウント - Match Time
    • ショート - Short (120 Seconds)
    • ヂファルト - Default (180 seconds)
    • ロング - Long (300 Seconds)
  • アイテム - Item Frequency
    • じゅんいでへんか - Change depending on rank (Mario Kart-esque rubberbanding?)
    • ふつう - Normal
    • おおい - More

Game Settings - Big Bang

  • チャージタイムカウント - Charge time. Determines how much time you have to execute as many chains/clears as possible.
    • ショート - Short (40 seconds)
    • デファルト - Default (60 seconds)
    • ロング - Long (80 seconds)
  • 開始セットLV - Set Puzzle Level/Difficulty

In-Game Pause Menu

  • ゲームをつずける - Resume
  • はじめからやりなおす - Start Over
  • アーケードセレクト - Change Modes
  • キャラクターセレクト - Change Characters
  • ゲームをらめる - Main Menu

Match Over Menu

Match over menu.jpg

  • ゲームをつずける - Retry
  • アーケードセレクト - Change Modes
  • キャラクターセレクト - Change Characters
  • ゲームをやめる - Main Menu
  • リプレイをほぞん - Save Replay