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Voice Transcript of Grace グレイス
CV: Yuki Yamada (山田悠希) • First voiced: 2015/6/24
Quest JP EN
Damage Taken なに? What?
Heavy Damage Taken やめなさい Cease this.
Quest Cleared 次はどこへ行くの? Where place next we'll go?
Quest Failed 仕方がないわね… Oh well...
Puzzle JP EN
Chain 1 いち One
Chain 2 Two
Chain 3 さん Three
Chain 4 よん Four
Chain 5 Five
Chain 6 ろく Six
Chain 7 なな Seven
Chain 8 はち Eight
Chain 9 きゅう Nine
Chain 10 じゅう Ten
Chain Finisher まだよ More.
Large Chain Chance 私を試すの? You dare to test me?
All Clear 簡単ね This is easy.
Card FT Skill Battle Skill