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Voice Transcript of Ciel シエル
CV: Natsumi Yamada (山田奈都美)
Quest JP EN
Damage Taken やめて Cease.
Heavy Damage Taken これは計算外です This is outside of my calculations.
Quest Cleared 計算どおりです All according to my calculations.
Quest Failed この結果は 本意ではありません This result was not my intention.
Puzzle JP EN
Chain 1 いち One
Chain 2 Two
Chain 3 さん Three
Chain 4 よん Four
Chain 5 Five
Chain 6 ろく Six
Chain 7 なな Seven
Chain 8 はち Eight
Chain 9 きゅう Nine
Chain 10 じゅう Ten
Chain Finisher すごい Fascinating.
Large Chain Chance 考察に入ります I will take these circumstances into consideration.
All Clear 対処完了です Objective complete.
Card FT Skill Battle Skill