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For this character's general appearance in the whole series, see Schezo Wegey.Edit dataRefresh

[★5] Schezo ver. Kuromi シェゾ ver.クロミ
Img520205 l.png

Image source: Specially drawn
Cost 20
Lv. 1 Lv. 99
HP 1021 2785
Attack 507 1448
Recovery 86 262
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calculations unavailable
cannot be
transformed into
[★5] Schezo ver. Kuromi
Transformation Fusion
[★3] Purple Puyo Jelly [★4] Purple Puyo Jelly [★5] Purple Puyo Jelly [★5] Purple Grimoire [★6] Purple Grimoire
[★6] Schezo ver. Kuromi
Fuse: [1600 + (Level - 1) × 150] EXP Sell: [5000 + (Level - 1) × 150] coins
Leader Skill All Stats Up Lv. 3 (全能力値UP Lv.3) [+]
Effect: All stats of all cards increases to 1.3×
Skill I want... you! (おまえ・・・がほしい!) [+]
Clear Purple Puyo50

Effect: Transforms Red PuyoBlue PuyoGreen PuyoYellow Puyo (any 3 colors) → Purple Puyo
Battle Skill None
Special Skill None [+]
Date Special Skill
My Melody Drop Lv. 1 (マイメロディドロップ Lv.1)
Drop number increases at quest clear (+3/6/9/18/36) and Attack of self increases to 3× in My Melody Festival
Sp. Training ???
Character Introduction [+]
First Introduced
02. OPP Member
44. Swordsmen
52. Boys
Card Restrictions
Flavor Text
A dark wizard who strives to be the strongest. Differing from usual, he is clothed in a more fancy outfit, but to utmost effort, he seems to keep his dark and cool image.
Monologue Lines
"What's wrong? Fearful of my dark aura, are you?"
"Hmph, come forth wherever you are! I'll make you savor the dread of the dark power.."
"Rejoice...! Today is a special one, for I am partnered with the "Lovely Sword"!"
Translation Credits
Translators Keiko
Editors --
Character Voice
Masakazu Morita (森田成一)
Schezo ver. Kuromi
シェゾ ver.クロミ
[★5] Schezo ver. Kuromi [★6] Schezo ver. Kuromi
Kuromi Series
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