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Red Puyo Jelly
★★★★★★ Edit dataRefresh
Img170306 l.png

Image source: Specially drawn
Red Puyo
Red Puyo
COST 999
Attack Type Single Attack
Single Attack
Material: Transform
Lv. 1
HP 10
Attack 10
Recovery 10
SPPQ SEicon.png?
Special Effect Lv. ?
Springtime Primp Town Hunt
SPPQ SEicon.png?
Special Effect Lv. ?
cannot be
transformed into
[★6] Red Puyo Jelly cannot further
Fuse: 3200 EXP
Sell: 10,000 coins
Transformation Material for:
(multiple, see category for full list)
Event Special Effect History [+]
***pending update***
Special Training Board [+]


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Character Introduction [+]
First Introduced
Special Keywords
Card Restrictions
No Mix-up Summons
No power-up
Flavor Text
ふしぎなちからをもったゼリー。 赤属性のぷよつかいをへんしんさせるときに このぷよゼリーをつかうことがあるらしい。
Jelly that has mysterious powers. It seems there might be times that this Puyo Jelly be used when transforming red Puyo users.
Monologue Lines
"(It is wobbling)"
"(Since it's transparent, you can see through the other side)"
Character Voice
Red Puyo Jelly
[★3] Red Puyo Jelly [★4] Red Puyo Jelly [★5] Red Puyo Jelly [★6] Red Puyo Jelly
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