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Choice Quest
PPQ Choicequest.png
Choice Quest Button

How to play

Players can unlock one of the available Choice Quests by using coins (and Magic Stones for later openings). Each opening lasts for 30 minutes. During the opening the player can play any available difficulty of the quest for an unlimited number of times, capped by only the time limit and stamina. The player can choose to end the opening early (with no refund) by clicking the End Now (今すぐとじる) button.

Note that once a Choice Quest is unlocked, players cannot change to a different Choice Quest until the opening is finished, either when time is up or when the player chooses to end the opening early.

Opening Costs
Opening (resets 04:00 daily) Cost
4th onwards
Magic Stone

List of Choice Quests


  • Before renewal on 2018/11/24, each opening of Choice Quest only lasts for 15 minutes.