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  • To reply, use ':'s (colons). To reply to a reply, use one more ':' than that reply. Add the same amount each time for each separate paragraph in your response.
  • ALWAYS sign your comments by either pressing button_sig.png at the end of the last paragraph of the response, or typing ~~~~ at the same location.

Example of the code on a talk page:

Hello, [quote here], I can not find the source for this information. ~~~~

: [URL here]

: You can find this by searching "[search terms here]" ~~~~

:: That link is broken. ~~~~

::: Oh, it appears the server has gone down. You can still see it with the Waybackmachine: [URL here] ~~~~
:: Where does the information on this page come from? ~~~~

::: I believe it comes from [content here] ~~~~

By signing your messages, people can see when they were posted and by who without using Recent Changes (which is unacceptable to expect one to do.) Please note that ~~~~ is expanded to the content that shows on the page, so when editing, you will not see the characters but the signature itself.

In addition, to start a new discussion, ideally you should use the "+" button instead of writing directly to the Talk page. This has not been well followed as of now but as discussion pages grow it might become a concern.