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This category keeps all the PPQ namespace pages that still use deprecated code that needs to be replaced or removed.

Current to-do
Initial Details

Replace |cat=1 in condition templates to either:

  • as: directly inflicted by (active) skill
  • asatk: inflicted by attacks from (active) skill
  • asrecoil: inflicted to self or same-side due to recoil from (active) skill
  • ls: permanently inflicted by leader skill
  • lsopen: inflicted at quest opening by leader skill
  • lscond: inflicted by attacks on condition by leader skill
F Replace {{PPQ skilltext/directhit}} with {{PPQ skilltext/fieldattack}}
S Replace {{PPQ skilltext/singlehit}} or {{PPQ skilltext/directhit}} with {{PPQ skilltext/statattack}}
X Remove deprecated series

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