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[★5] Purple Moon Puyo むらさき月ぷよ
Img150105 l.png
Image source: 20th Nuisance Queue
Balance TypeSingle
MAX Lv. 1
Cost 50
HP 1500
Attack 476
Recovery 86
Special Training Board
[★5] Purple Moon Puyo[★6] Purple Crown Puyo
Img550105.png Img550105.png Img550105.png Img550105.png
Fuse 12000 EXP
Sell 5490 coins
Leader Skill ???
Skill ???
Battle Skill ???
Special Skill ???
Character Introduction
Flavor Text
ぷよを消すと時々出現する、かわったぷよ。何かを予告するような目をしている。合成すると紫属性のぷよつかいをパワーアップさせるふしぎなチカラがあるみたい。 [+]
A strange puyo that appears when popping puyos. It has the eyes of warning something. It looks like it has a mysterious power that when fused can power up Purple color Puyo users.
Monologue Lines
「(はやく「合成」してほしそうな目であなたを見ている)」 [+]
"(Looking at you with the look of wanting to quickly go and fuse)"
「……」 [+]
「(「わたしはおじゃまぷよ360個と同じくらいすごい」という目であなたを見ている)」 [+]
"(Looking at you with the look of "I equal to as many as 360 nuisance puyos, awesome")"
Character Voice

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