Translated Red Bull interview with Hosoyamada Mizuki

As part of the run up to Red Bull 5G 2016, where Puyo Puyo Tetris is once again being featured as an e-sport, the folks at Red Bull Japan published a series of three interviews with the Puyo series producer, Hosoyamada Mizuki. All three interviews are pretty interesting (as long as you can read Japanese), but we specifically focused on the second interview because it talks about the demand for an English version of Puyo. Thanks to Momochi for providing the translation with some editing for clarity. The original interview can be found here.

25-Year Trajectory of "Puyo Puyo" and its Future: vol. 2
Mr. Hosoyamada, the nurturing parent [that is, opposed to "the inventor"] of the known-to-all "masterpiece" talks about the unknown story of "Puyo Puyo".
Puyo series producer Hosoyamada Mizuki. © SUPERIDOL / @superidoljp. Image used under fair use.

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An earlier version of this article erroneously translated the producer's name.

Dec 2016 Puyo Fan Art Contest

OK I want to start doing monthly fan art contests.

This month's theme is holiday cheer!
Interpret that however you want. Draw what you want (that's puyo related at least) (family friendly only please).

PM me your drawing or link it in this thread.

Submission deadline: Dec 31, 2016 @ 11:59 PM EST
Public voting period: Jan 1 to Jan 7
Winner announcement: Jan 7 during the next Beginners Tournament stream

Prize: (1) $20 Steam Gift card (other GCs potentially available if we can work it out)

P.S. Don't feel intimidated to draw something just because you're not good at drawing or because you know there's other people in our community who are pros. We want fun community stuff to show and talk about during the tournament stream. Have fun drawing what you want; you'll probably get featured anyways!

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