Puyo Puyo SUN translation patch

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This is a translation patch for Puyo Puyo SUN.

Hurray, another Puyo game is now available in English! After a good 13 years after its initial release, we can finally enjoy Puyo Puyo SUN in a language we can understand. Though you can follow the game quite well just by looking at the cutscenes, it's a lot nicer to have the text with it of course. This patch applies to the PC version of Puyo Puyo SUN. A thanks to everyone who helped me with the project! (see the readme for the list of names)

How to use the patch

  • First get a hold of the game (hint: go to Google and search for "Puyo Sun PC version").
  • Mount or burn the ISO.
  • Do a FULL install of the game.
  • Apply patch on game folder.
  • Worship Hernan and Puyo Nexus.
  • Play game!



PPSun1.png PPSun2.png

PPSun4.png PPSun3.png