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[★5] Takoyaki Shop Rulue たこやき屋のルルー
Img103805 l.png
Image source: Specially drawn
Attack TypeSingle
MAX Lv. 99
Cost 20
HP 1072~2542
Attack 514~1298
Recovery 83~230
Special Training Board
[★5] Takoyaki Shop Rulue[★6] Takoyaki Shop Rulue
[★6] Queenly Happi [★6] Queenly Happi [★6] Queenly Happi [★6] Queenly Happi [★6] Queenly Happi
Fuse [1600 + (Level - 1) × 150] EXP
Sell [5000 + (Level - 1) × 150] coins
Leader Skill Attack UP Lv. 4 (攻撃力UP Lv.4)
Effect: Attack of all cards increases to 1.4×
Skill Queenly Takoyaki Lv. 3 (女王のたこやき Lv.3)
Activation: Clear Red Puyo40
Effect: Deals colored explosive damage with 8× Attack centering one enemy
Battle Skill ???
Special Skill ???
Character Introduction
Flavor Text
セクシーな格闘女王様。 じつは呪文がつかえないのだが コブシイひとつで魔導師の相手ができる なんともタフな乙女。 [+]
The sexy fighting queen. The truth is, she is unable to cast a spell, but this tough woman is capable of defeating magicians in one strike.
Monologue Lines
「オーッホッホッホ!ついに完成ですわ! あなたもなかなか役に立つじゃない!」 [+]
"O~hohoho! It's finally complete! You've also been pretty helpful!"
「あわてて食べると 口の中をヤケドしますわよ?」 [+]
"If you eat it too fast, you'll burn your mouth, you know?"
「このたこやきには…、サタン様への アツ~い想いがつまってますの♪」 [+]
"This takoyaki... is packed with hot~ love for Satan-sama ♪"
Character Voice
Kanako Kondou (近藤佳奈子)

Takoyaki Shop Rulue
[★3] Takoyaki Shop Rulue [★4] Takoyaki Shop Rulue [★5] Takoyaki Shop Rulue [★6] Takoyaki Shop Rulue • Materials: [★4] Takoyaki Sauce [★5] Mayonnaise [★6] Queenly Happi
Explosive Attack Series
Takoyaki Shop Rulue Santa Arle Santa Satan Airou Lovestruck Feli
Equivalent Characters of
Rulue ルルー
Rulue Takoyaki Shop Rulue Lovestruck Rulue Rulue ver. Mukku Rulue ver. PuyoChron 
Exceptions: Gorgeous Rulue