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[★6] Kerbey ケルビィ
Img505106 l.png
Image source: Quest Arcade 3rd evolution
Balance TypeSingle
MAX Lv. 99
Cost 26
HP 1822~3194
Attack 835~1423
Recovery 284~725
Special Training Board
[★5] Kerbey[★6] Kerbey
[★6] Cryptid Perfume [★6] Cryptid Perfume [★6] Cryptid Perfume [★6] Cryptid Perfume [★6] Cryptid Perfume
Fuse [3200 + (Level - 1) × 250] EXP
Sell [10000 + (Level - 1) × 1000] coins
Leader Skill Purple Segen (紫の加護)
Effect: Damage halved for purple cards with 70% HP or lower
Skill Cerberus Emblem Lv. 4 (ケルベロスの紋章 Lv.4)
Activation: Clear Purple Puyo40
Effect: Purple cards charge all attacks for 3 turns (1.4×)
Battle Skill None
Special Skill None
Character Introduction
Flavor Text
ケルベロスのおひめさま。 3つのあたまがきょうりょくすればどんなこんなんも乗りこえられる。 [+]
A cerebus princess. Once the three heads work as one, they are able to overcome struggles they come across.
Monologue Lines
「みだしなみには気をつけてるんだでないと. ユニカにおこられちゃうからね」 [+]
"I cannot be neglectful of my appearance. Unica will scold me otherwise."
「なやみ事があったら相談してね! 大丈夫! わたしたち、 みんな口はかたいから!」 [+]
"Come to me if you have troubles! It will be okay! Our mouths won't say a thing!"
「みんなでぼうけんするのってたのしいね! わたしたちみんなそうおもってるよ!」 [+]
"Having adventures with everyone is fun! Seems they think so as well!"
Character Voice

[★3] Kerbey [★4] Kerbey [★5] Kerbey [★6] Kerbey • Materials: [★4] Cryptid Rune [★5] Cryptid Necklace [★6] Cryptid Perfume
Cryptid Princess Series
Phoeny Drana Grifo Unica Kerbey
Equivalent Characters of
Kerbey ケルビィ
Kerbey Summer Festival Kerbey