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[★5] Kerbey ケルビィ
Img505105 l.png
Image source: Quest Arcade 2nd evolution
Balance TypeSingle
MAX Lv. 99
Cost 18
HP 1290~2662
Attack 428~1016
Recovery 177~618
Special Training Board
[★5] Kerbey[★6] Kerbey
[★6] Cryptid Perfume [★6] Cryptid Perfume [★6] Cryptid Perfume [★6] Cryptid Perfume [★6] Cryptid Perfume
Fuse  ???
Sell  ???
Leader Skill Purple Segen (紫の加護)
Effect: Damage halved for purple cards with 70% HP or lower
Skill Cerberus Emblem Lv. 3 (ケルベロスの紋章 Lv.3)
Activation: Clear Purple Puyo40
Effect: Purple cards charge all attacks for 3 turns (1.3×)
Battle Skill ???
Special Skill ???
Character Introduction
Flavor Text
ケルベロスのおひめさま。 左のあたまはおねぼうさん。 他のあたまが起きているからいいやと 寝てばかりいる。 [+]
A Cerberus princess. Her left head is a sleepy-head, still slumbering when the other heads are awake.
Monologue Lines
「どのクエストに行くか迷ってるの? わたしたちが多数決で決めてあげよっか?」
「よく言うじゃない、3 人よればなんとやらって 意味はよく知らないけどね!」
「ク~ン、キャンキャン? (わたし、ねててもいいよね?)」
Character Voice

[★3] Kerbey [★4] Kerbey [★5] Kerbey [★6] Kerbey • Materials: [★4] Cryptid Rune [★5] Cryptid Necklace [★6] Cryptid Perfume
Cryptid Princess Series
Phoeny Drana Grifo Unica Kerbey
Equivalent Characters of
Kerbey ケルビィ
Kerbey Summer Festival Kerbey