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[★3] Kerbey ケルビィ
Balance/Single • Combin.: Animals/Paw Pad
Img505103 l.png
Image source: Quest Arcade SR(★5) card
MAX Lv. 50
Cost 7
HP 314~853
Attack 66~262
Recovery 23~121
[★3] Kerbey[★4] Kerbey
[★4] Cryptid Rune [★4] Cryptid Rune [★4] Cryptid Rune [★4] Cryptid Rune
Fuse  ???
Sell  ???
Leader Skill ???
Skill Cerberus Emblem (ケルベロスの紋章)
Activation: Clear Purple Puyo40
Effect: Purple cards charge all attacks for 3 turns (1.1×)
Battle Skill ???
Special Skill ???
Flavor Text
Desc. 「ケルベロスの子。3 つのあたまは大の仲良し。でもお昼ごはん のチョイスだけは意見が分かれるらしい。」
A Cerberus pup. Has three mostly friendly heads. However, their choice of lunch tends to conflict.
Line 「わたし、ケルビィ! …わたし「たち」、の方がいいかな?」
"It's me, Kerbey! ...or is "us" better?"
Line 「わたしたち、いつもいっしょだから ゼンゼンさびしくないんだよ!」
Line 「みんなでお昼ごはんのメニューをきめるよ! ……えーっ、お肉はきのうたべたじゃん!」

[★3] Kerbey [★4] Kerbey [★5] Kerbey [★6] Kerbey • Materials: [★4] Cryptid Rune [★5] Cryptid Necklace [★6] Cryptid Perfume
Cryptid Princess Series
Phoeny Drana Grifo Unica Kerbey