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This is a list of characters who appear in JUMP HERO.

Al Kamone

Al Kamone (アル・カモネ Aru Kamone, rendered as アル=カモネ before JUMP HERO Gaiden 3) is an antagonist introduced in JUMP HERO Gaiden. Al is a penguin mobster hell-bent on capturing Prince Ivan, using his sunglass-wearing goons to help him. He appears in the first chapter attempting to make away with Ivan as hostage, and he shows up later on Park Island disguised as a magician in order to capture him again, and finally on Flower Island with a massive army of thugs, along with the two other major villains. He makes another appearance in JUMP HERO Gaiden 3 with the same intentions as before, though this time alone.


  • His name is based on the famous gangster Al Capone, with the "Capo" portion changed into "Kamo" ("kamo" being a Japanese word to refer to ducks, a bird that commonly spends time in or around water, similarly to penguins).

Billy Burn

See Billy Burn.

Billy de Babine

Billy de Babine (ビリー・ド・バビーン Birī do babīn), formerly known as Billydo ba Bean (ビリード・バ・ビーン Birīdo ba bīn) prior to JUMP HERO Gaiden 3 Tobikiri Adventure, is the main protagonist of the JUMP HERO series. Billy is a brave and brash young man with a strong sense of justice and an athletic passion for jumping. Despite his somewhat rude nature, he nevertheless has a good heart. Billy makes a playable appearance in Restaurant King.

Captain Honey

Captain Honey (キャプテン・ハニー Kyaputen Hanī) is a character in the JUMP HERO series, first appearing in JUMP HERO Gaiden. She is the righteous captain of a pirate's guild, and only loots from evil pirates. Billy and his friends find her cornered by her rival Captain Lucky and his crew on Lucky's island hideout, and manage to rescue her, adding her to their team. Interestingly, unlike most of the human cast, Honey has pointed ears, a trait shared with Sharon.

Captain Lucky

Captain Lucky (ラッキー船長 Rakkī senchō) is an antagonist introduced in JUMP HERO Gaiden. Lucky is an effeminate pirate and the enemy of Captain Honey. He runs across Billy's gang after they leave Haniwa Island and taunts them, causing them to chase after him and raid his island hideout, along with rescuing Captain Honey, who had been cornered by him and his men. He shows up later for a rematch after Billy's team leaves Park Island, and then again for the final time on Flower Island with a massive crew, along with the other major antagonists and their respective hordes of minions. He later makes an appearance in JUMP HERO Gaiden 3 around the climax of the game, this time capturing Billy and his friends.

Francesca Saito

Francesca Saito (フランチェスカ=斉藤 Furanchesuka Saitō) is a character introduced in JUMP HERO Gaiden. Francesca is a bulky and powerful, albeit somewhat unreliable, robot created by a scientist on Metropolis Island. Billy and his friends find him attempting to stop the robot supervillain Odroon from taking over the city, and they quickly join to help him. Afterwards, his creator gives him away to Billy. Francesca is incredibly strong, with attacks such as his Powerful Tackle, Shoulder Missile, and Spark Rush being able to do a good deal of damage.


Jyaboon (ジャブーン Jabūn) is the protagonist of the very first JUMP HERO game on Disc Station #29 on MSX2, as well as its sequel, JUMP HERO II: Life is Jyaboon on Disc Station #32. He is a rather eccentric and flamboyant long-nosed man in tights (usually white, but also red on occasion), usually making grandiose poses. Sometimes, he's accompanied by (or competing against) clones of himself, usually in differing colors like black or yellow. Jyaboon also starred in several spinoff games, and even had a role as an enemy in the Kerosuke series of games.

Margarita Linda

Margarita Linda (マルガリータ林田 Marugarīta Hayashida/Rinda?) is a character who appears in JUMP HERO. Linda is the childhood friend of the protagonist, Billy, and as such often accompanies him on his adventures. She's generally amiable and polite, but she often has to put Billy in his place whenever his rougher side comes out. Her appearance is rather similar to Draco Centauros.

Mrs. Eve

See Mrs. Eve.


Odroon (オドルゥーン Odoruūn) is an antagonist introduced in JUMP HERO Gaiden. Odroon is a robotic supervillain who aims to conquer Metropolis Island with his mechanical army. The heroic robot Francesca Saito notices his plot and attempts to stop him (and successfully does thanks to help from Billy and his friends), causing him to flee and show up again on Thunder Island, attempting to take over one of the island's power plants. Like the other antagonists, he makes one last attempt to finish off the heroes on Flower Island, along with an even bigger robot army.


  • All of Odroon's dialogue is rendered in katakana, which often done to indicate robotic speech in Japanese (similar to how robotic speech in English is often written in all capitals).

The Old Man from Third Street

The Old Man from Third Street (3丁目の爺 Sanchōme no jī) is a character who first appears in JUMP HERO Gaiden. The Old Man is a mysterious and mystical fellow who is based off of stereotypical Indian snake charmers (complete with a pot and flute). He is usually accompanied by his small rabbit friend, Pyonkopinko. Billy and his friends first meet him on Sushi Island, where he is found submerged in a lake with only his turban above the water. His attacks consist of playing a flute tune, and launching a missile from his turban. He has a cameo in Arle Man Yuu Ki.


Pipilma-Papalma (ピピルマ=パパルマ Pipiruma Paparuma) is a character who first appears in JUMP HERO Gaiden. Pipilma is a sassy young girl who has an affinity for kaiju, and can even summon them (late into the game, she is able to convince one to join Billy's team). When Billy's team first encounters her at Kaiju Island, she is initially hostile towards them and lets all the monsters at the zoo loose, but she soon comes to her senses and helps fix the mess. Her attacks are weak but have good range.

Prince Ivan Pentrovich Guinovski

Ivan Pentrovich Guinovski (イヴァン・ペントロヴィッチ・ギンフスキー Ivan Pentorovitchi Ginfusukī), often referred to as simply Prince Ivan (イヴァン王子) is a character who appears in JUMP HERO. He is a chubby blue penguin prince on ice skates, and is friends with Billy and Linda. His mother is Mrs. Eve.


Pyonkopinko (ぴょんこぴんこ Pyonko pinko) is a character introduced in JUMP HERO Gaiden. Pyonko is a cute rabbit who seems to be friends with the Old Man from Third Street, with both of them living together on Sushi Island. He has a strange dislike of being called a rabbit, despite being one. As to be expected from his small stature, he doesn't hold much offensive power (or any at all, as he is unable to attack), but is also the only party member in the game who can heal others, making him a valuable asset. His appearance greatly resembles that of Carbuncle.


Sharon (シャロン Sharon) is a character introduced in JUMP HERO Gaiden 3. She is a waitress at the tavern in Port Town, and while she doesn't accompany Billy and his friends, she often gives out helpful information. Interestingly, like Captain Honey, she possesses a pair of pointy ears.

Sugar & Oligo

Sugar (シュガー Shugā) is a character who first appears in JUMP HERO Gaiden 3. She is the daughter of a puppeteer, and controls a puppet named Oligo (オリゴ Origo). Oligo plays the role of a villainous pirate, and is known to say rude things. Unlike her puppet, Sugar is a kind girl. The two have a major role in Restaurant King.