Puyo Puyo Sun

The next Puyo game was released in 1996. The title, Sun, is a play on the word "san" which means "three" in Japanese, and the fact that the story revolves around Satan's plot of enlarging the sun in order to change the weather into a scorching summer in order to get tanned and get some female attention.

The game was released on a new generation of consoles and it showed. The graphics have been much improved and the characters have their own background and even animated attack sequences. The cast has been reduced somewhat but given the increase in details given to each character Compile could be forgiven for it.

Furthermore, the story mode now can be played with 3 characters, Draco for the easy path, Arle for medium and Schezo for hard. The story has returned to a linear path rather than the tier system from Tsuu, although a lot more conversation and interaction have been written for the encounters. Interestingly, Moo Niitani did Satan's voice acting for this game so if you were wondering what the man sounds like this is a good opportunity to find out.

Gameplay-wise, another small addition has been added in the form of Sun Puyo. These sun-shaped pieces will fall at random locations into your field (although you will be shown briefly where they will be falling) as a "bonus" after you have popped some chains. They behave like normal garbage Puyo, as they are cleared by popping a chain adjacent to it. The difference is that by clearing these Sun Puyo your chain will get powered up accordingly and sends more garbage.

The mechanism added an interesting gimmick to the game and is liked by some players, although many criticizes it for being obsolete as they argue the benefit of Sun Puyo is negated by the fact it can waste space on your board or block crucial points in a chain, and Sun rule never caught on in competitive circles. The singleplayer experience though is widely praised as being very entertaining and remains a favorite among a lot of fans.

The definitive version of Sun was the PSX and Saturn version that came with full cutscene voice acting. A PC version is also available which also includes all voice acting and also has an English translation patch you can get right here from Puyo Nexus.