Puyo Puyo Fever 2: Chuu!

The next installment to the series was released in 2005 as Puyo Puyo Fever Chuu! or Puyo Puyo Fever 2: Chuu!, depending how you want to interpret the logo. "Chuu" is a pun on the English "two" and is also the Japanese sound for kissing. As the title suggests the game is a continuation of the Fever series and sees the return of the Fever cast, plus more. The game officially fits into the Puyo series as the 6th game and, while not present in the title, references to this were made in its marketing.

The story mode this time still has 3 courses for the 3 difficulties as usual, but each course can be played with either of the three main characters: Amitie, Raffine or the newly introduced Sig. The scope of the singleplayer game was also greatly expanded with the menu being a map where you can travel to different locations to play different modes, such as story, multiplayer, tower challenge and even a FABULOUS item shop run by Oshare Bones.

Even though the storyline of the previous game was never resolved properly, Sega decided to drop it completely in favor of a new storyline centered around Klug unknowingly unleashing an ancient evil. Several new characters were also introduced such as the following.

Sig Sig
A spacey boy who is a new student of the Primp Magic School. He has an asymmetrical design with a red left eye and a blue right eye, and his left hand resembles that of a demonic claw. He also has an obsession with insects and his attacks are based on the color blue.
Feli Feli
A girl sporting Gothic Lolita clothing who studies in a magic school in a bordering town of Primp. She is always seen with dowsing rods and uses astrological magic.
Lemres Lemres
A senior from the same school as Feli. He is the object of Feli's obsession and Klug's admiration as a capable wizard. He seems to love candy and would offer them to passing strangers. His attacks are also based on sweets.
Akuma Akuma
Rather than an overpowered black-clad Ryu clone, Puyo's Akuma is a wise old demon who takes the form of a black bear. He is the keeper of the library and uses elemental magic incanted in Sanskrit. His name is a pun on "akuma" which mean "demon" and "kuma" which means "bear".
Rei Rei
Yu's brother, who is also a ghost. Unlike Yu he doesn't talk much but they seem to get along well. He is clumped with Yu as one playable character under the name "Yu & Rei", a pun on the Japanese word for ghost, "yurei".

Gameplay-wise, Fever 2 kept pretty much the same Fever rule as from the first Fever game, with slight adjustments that are not worth worrying about. In the story mode, items could be bought from the shop that let you gain advantage if you have them selected at the beginning of battles.

Another addition is the Endless Chuu Panic mode. Like any other Puyo game, Fever 2 comes with Endless modes that let you practice your chaining without having to worry about the pressure of playing against an opponent. The difference in Chuu Panic mode is that while playing, Chuu Puyo, which are literally pink-colored Nuisance Puyo, will fall randomly on the screen. The Chuu Puyo don't appear in any other modes besides this.

Possibly due to Puyo Pop Fever's unsatisfactory performance in the West, Puyo Puyo Fever Chuu! was never localized in English. A translation project is currently under way at Puyo Nexus to translate the PS2 version but at time of writing the project is on hiatus.