Notable Fangames

Throughout its life, Puyo Puyo has spawned countless fangames not authorised by Compile or Sega; many of them tributes to the series, although many of them not so much fangames as downright rip-offs. To name them all would be quite a feat in and of itself so in this section we will look at a couple that are quite notable in the online community.

Puyo Puyo 2ch

A Japanese Puyo fangame written in Flash, named after the popular Japanese webboard 2chan. The game is also known as "2puyo" and is playable via online multiplayer and singleplayer endless mode. Its graphics are extremely minimalistic although it is very recognisable due to its funny Puyo shapes based on Japanese emoticons and its "interesting" sound effects, although newer versions do have alternative themes.

The game is based on Tsuu rule and for the most part emulates that quite well. It is a favorite for Japanese players who just want to play Puyo and don't feel like going through the hassle having to set up online MAME and looking for opponents, as Puyo 2ch offers a lobby system that let you find opponents quite easily, or having to sign up for an account on the PC version of Fever.

The game is Japan-centric, though, meaning all its contents are in Japanese and most of the players are in Japan, so there is a huge language barrier for anyone who can't speak the language to play. Not only that, trying to play someone from outside of Japan, especially from the West, would cause huge lags and, for most people who are reading this article, it is not a recommended method of enjoying online Puyo.

Puyo Puyo VS

Formerly known as Puyo Online, this fangame was written by our very own Hernan of Puyo Nexus. Like Puyo 2ch, it aims to emulate the Tsuu gameplay experience, while providing a lobby for easy matchmaking. The game actually comes with a slightly modified version of Tsuu rule and also can be played with "Puyo VS rule", a more heavily modified version of Tsuu rule.

The graphical engine of VS is more advanced than Puyo 2ch and give a more fluid feel reminiscent of the graphics in the Fever series, although the game does not include attack animations. Graphical and sound elements can also be freely modded.

The game was made with a Western audience in mind and as such offers a much better experience than Puyo 2ch globally, even for players in the Far East, with minimal lag for almost everyone with a good internet connection. At good times many Japanese and Korean players will even be hanging out on the lobby for you to try your hands against.

Unfortunately, the game was written in MMF2, which is somewhat of an inflexible and demanding language. A relatively powerful computer will be needed to run the game properly despite its simple graphics, and MMF2 also limits additional features which could be implemented in the engine. An overhaul, dubbed "Puyo Puyo VS 2", is currently being worked on and implemented in C++ which should correct these problems, with exciting features such as the inclusion of Fever mode.

Puyo Puyo Compendium

An ill-fated fangame written by Sofi (previously known as Sinoc) a long-time fangame maker who wrote a series of Puyo fangames such as the Sinoc's Factory series and Counter Conundrum in the past.

The project was quite an ambitious one with plans for such things as a complete story mode and even a 32-player(!) multiplayer mode. It also featured completely original artwork and characters, complete with a character animation engine which enables new characters to be added with their own coded animation, and included many new rules that were made for this game.

Compendium progressed pretty far in beta with many game modes and characters implemented and a working online feature. Sadly, the developer was not happy with the direction of the game and has since shut down the project entirely. To date, it is still probably the most ambitious Puyo fangame ever attempted and is quite notable for what it achieved in its time.

Other Fangames

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